Toilets & Accessories

New Toilets from Angelo Plumbing Supply

At Angelo Plumbing Supply Inc., we know toilets are an essential part of every bathroom. Having the right one in your bathroom can greatly improve your overall experience and aesthetic. There are many different types and styles of toilets you can choose from to find the perfect one for your home or business.

One-piece toilets are toilets that have been crafted as a single piece. With no seams or joints, they have a sleek look and are easy to keep clean. Low water usage toilets are efficient and waste less water than standard toilets. Whether you prefer a classic white toilet, trendy black, or a colored toilet, you will find it all within our great selection at Angelo Plumbing Supply, featuring top toilet manufacturers such as American Standard and Sloan.

Commercial Toilets and Toilet Accessories


No bathroom is complete without the proper accessories for comfort and luxury. Turn your bathtub into a private sanctuary with stylish levers or a wall-mounted grab bar for easier mobility. We also carry all the internal parts you would need for a quick fix. No detail is too small for your toilet needs at Angelo Plumbing Supply.


From stainless steel to vitreous china and from elongated to rounded bowls, we carry a wide range of toilets for the commercial bathroom. Choose from a selection of toilets offering waterless flushing systems, seat specifications and ADA compliance. We carry all the top brands including Kohler, American Standard, and Sloan. Stop by to see our collection of commercial urinals and find the perfect finish, function and style for your bathroom needs. We have an extensive selection of urinals from top manufacturers, like Kohler, American Standard, and Sloan. Urinals can also come with various features such as waterless technology and touchless flush; we’ve got it all.